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The Office of the Tech Ambassador has a global mandate and a physical presence across three time zones in Silicon Valley, Copenhagen and Beijing, thus transcending borders and regions and rethinking traditional diplomatic representation in the process.

TechPlomacy is an acknowledgement of the key role that technology and digitalisation plays and will increasingly play in the future for individuals and societies alike. It is also a recognition of the political and global influence that the tech-industry has in the 21st Century. Technology will contribute to solving some of the most acute global challenges and bring about a positive transformation with enormous potential for people around the world.

The TechPlomacy initiative was launched by the Danish government in 2017. The purpose of the initiative was elaborated in the Government’s Foreign and Security Policy Strategy 2017-18 .

TechPlomacy to work alongside traditional diplomacy

Yet rapid developments in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things and cyber security also raise fundamental issues as to the future of public policy, regulation and global governance. We need a stronger multi-stakeholder discussion on how we want these new technologies to shape our societies in the future. This requires us to rethink the relationship between governments, civil society and the private sector.

In the view of the Danish Government, this necessitates that we establish a formal diplomatic platform in order to engage in dialogue and collaboration on a broad range of topics with the tech-industry. Tech Ambassador Casper Klynge and his global team will therefore work to build strategic partnerships and engage directly with tech-hubs, governments, international organizations, civil society, cities, regions, world-class universities and other stakeholders.

Concrete initiatives cut across foreign and security policy, including cyber, development policy, export and investment promotion, and a range of sector policies. The opportunities and challenges of the technology agenda will be pursued and addressed in bilateral relations with other countries and in the EU and multilateral fora.

Ready for tomorrow

Denmark is one of the most digitalised countries in the world. We have a relatively small and agile bureaucratic system, a robust, green and reliable energy ecosystem, and a creative and adaptive workforce, which is relatively well equipped to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. Yet, like other countries, cities and regions around the world, we need to be ready to adapt and engage with new technologies and their adverse impacts on society, economy and labour market. We will therefore explore how new technologies can help address global challenges and feed into policy formulation – at home, in the EU and globally - by bringing information and knowledge back to decision makers.

In short: TechPlomacy aims at reshaping the way we ‘think’ and ‘do’ diplomacy in the 21st Century. It is about creating new avenues for dialogue and engaging strategically with technology hubs - not only as a tool but as a key foreign policy priority.

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