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Articles about TechPlomacy

Below is a selection of media resources about the TechPlomacy initiative.

Press releases

  • Aug. 22, 2020 Denmark’s Foreign Minister appoints new Tech Ambassador based in Silicon Valley..... Read article

Articles in English     

  • New York Times, Sept 3, 2019 The World’s First Ambassador to the Tech Industry - Denmark appointed him to approach Silicon Valley as if it were a global superpower. His challenges show how smaller countries struggle to influence giant corporations... Read full article         
  • Techonomy, Jan 22, 2019 Why Silicon Valley Demands Diplomats  - After nearly two years in Palo Alto as Denmark’s first tech ambassador, I’ve become quite familiar with two questions: What’s your value proposition? And, what does success look like?  Fair enough. After all, Silicon Valley runs on venture capital and the ability of a few very smart people to pick the next billion-dollar idea….. Read full article

Articles in Danish