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Danish Government Partners

An essential feature of the TechPlomacy initiative is to bring forward questions and issues on behalf of Danish authorities in a direct dialogue with the global tech industry.

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Across our team in Copenhagen, Silicon Valley and China, we work closely with other relevant Government agencies in Denmark. Among our closest partners are the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. All three ministries have seconded staff into our Office to ensure smooth and ongoing information sharing. Like all other diplomatic missions, we also work to bring home knowledge and insights on key technology trends to feed into domestic and EU policy making.

Examples of collaboration projects:

Data ethics:

Together with the Ministry of Industry, Business & Financial Affairs, we aim to promote the development of ethical standards for the use of data and guidelines for Artificial Intelligence in businesses that secures trust and enables innovation in the digital economy, including in our dialogue with the tech industry, other countries and international organisations. Read more Denmark’s approach to AI here

Cyber security:

As part of Denmark’s National Cyber and Information Security Strategy (opens PDF Icon PDF) the government decided to bring the Danish tech-ambassador into play in the cyber area in order to “further strengthen the dialogue with large, multinational tech companies and the tech industry in general on cyber and information security, including data ethics and data protection.”. In close coordination with the relevant authorities in Copenhagen and other missions abroad, we work to understand how emerging technologies such as AI and IoT will impact our cyber security, promote international cooperation around responsible behaviour in cyber space, and bring the tech industry into the equation when discussing potential avenues forward.   

Fighting online terrorism and disinformation:

Together with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, and Police and Intelligence agencies, we bring forward security related issues in our dialogue with the tech industry and other stakeholders, including as part of the Christchurch Call to Eliminate Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content Online, which Denmark officially joined in September 2019. In urgent cases, the Tech Ambassador has also been asked to bring specific concerns to the attention of social media companies. Actively countering disinformation campaigns online, and engaging platforms in this regard, is an equally important foreign policy priority. Through TechPlomacy, we enter into a direct dialogue with the tech industry on efforts to counter disinformation and foreign meddling in elections. 

Use of IoT data in public sector:

Together with the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, we collaborate with the World Economic Forum's Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Silicon Valley based companies to develop and share policy protocols to facilitate use, integration and sharing of dynamic IoT data in public sector infrastructure. The partnership also aims to explore and test new platforms for ultra-precise dynamic positioning in Smart Cities.

Read more about the WEF partnership here.

Public sector digitalisation:

Denmark is one of the world’s leading countries in e-governance, according to the European Commission and the United Nations. Together with the Danish Agency for Digitisation and the Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency we share best-practices on public sector digitalisation internationally.

For example, the Agency for Digitisation and the Office of the Tech Ambassador has collaborated closely on Denmark’s candidature for the Digital 9 group. 

Space exploration:

Together with the Ministry of Higher Education & Research, the Office of the Tech Ambassador promotes Denmark’s collaboration with e.g. NASA.

As an example, we’re looking into the emergence of a new space landscape, where private tech companies are playing a larger role than before, as well as how Danish STEM students can be engaged in these opportunities. 

Read more about the Ministry's engagement on Outer Space.


Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs (KBH)



Ministry of Higher Education and Science (KBH)


Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities (SV/WEF)