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Techfestival - Where humans and technology meet 

Every year, the Techfestival gathers more than 15,000 techies, entrepreneurs, activists, and policy nerds over three days in Copenhagen for in-depth discussions on the human impacts of technology.


Beyond facilitating a much needed debate around digital rights and ethics, as well as bringing global thought-leaders to the Nordic region, the Techfestival also produces a number of specific initiatives such as the Copenhagen Letter (2017), the Copenhagen Catalogue (2018) and the Tech Pledge (2019), which aims to commit those working at the forefront of technology to a higher degree of reflection and ethical standard when designing and implementing products. Through a small grant, we support the work of the Techfestival team in disseminating these discussions internationally.



Our collaboration also aims at bringing the TechPlomacy agenda to Techfestival. In 2018, together with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research we organized a Summit on Global Cooperation and Geopolitics in the Digital Age, and in 2019 the Danish Tech Ambassador hosted four ‘TechPlomacy Talk Live’ sessions with leading international experts sharing insights on human rights online, cyber security, European leadership, and quantum computing.

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