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Denmark Seeks to Strengthen European Tech Diplomacy and Global Engagement

In 2017 Denmark became the first country to appoint a Tech Ambassador to represent the Danish government towards big tech industry. With a global mandate, the natural home nevertheless became Silicon Valley – the closest one might come to a proverbial cradle for the world’s leading tech industry. Since then, we have built a strong presence in The Valley – and other countries have followed suit.

Silicon Valley continues to be an epicentre for many of today’s most pervasive technological advancements. One only needs to look at the origin of many of the recent ground-breaking developments in AI to dispel any doubt about its steadfast relevance.

However, today the challenges and opportunities posed by new and emerging technologies, including its development, underlying supply chains, foreign and security political impacts and regulatory frameworks, far transcend the confines of the tech hubs on the American West Coast. To that end, they require global attention and collaboration to effectively address them – both in the Valley and beyond. Moreover, with the changing geopolitical landscape, and not least the terrible backdrop of war in Europe, the role of technology in foreign and security political matters is felt globally more than ever.

From August 1, the Tech Ambassador will relocate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and be based out of Copenhagen. This will allow Denmark to strengthen our tech diplomatic engagement in Europe and regions beyond Silicon Valley; principally with our fellow EU members in Brussel but also in the Nordics region, in Asia, the Indo-pacific, Africa as well as with tech companies globally and in multilateral forums. The move is a prelude to a new strategy for Denmark’s tech diplomacy, and underscores the significance of technology, both domestically and abroad.

Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, emphasizes the importance of this shift, stating, “We are living in a time of increased technological rivalry, where technology issues play an ever-growing role, particularly in EU. By relocating the ambassador’s position, we are acknowledging the impact of technology on Denmark’s foreign policy. This decision strengthens our ability to ensure that new and critical technologies contribute to Denmark’s prosperity and security.”

Denmark remains deeply committed to strengthening the collaboration and dialogue with the geopolitically influential tech industry in Silicon Valley and on the American West Coast. That is why our team in California will continue to build and maintain diplomatic relations with the tech industry in Silicon Valley, recognizing its continued importance as a global hub of technological innovation. Similarly, the Tech Ambassador will be present in Silicon Valley on a regular basis, ensuring sustained high-level engagement with both industry and country representatives in the region. And we look forward to continuing to work closely with both government and industry partners in the Bay Area as well as with the newly opened EU office.
quote ikon
"Since my appointment in 2020, I have had the pleasure of representing Denmark on global matters from Silicon Valley. Going forward, my office will be in Copenhagen instead of Silicon Valley, which I eagerly look forward to. I'm proud to say that Denmark's dialogue with the major tech companies in the U.S. has reached a level of maturity that now enables my experienced team in Silicon Valley to handle the daily diplomatic work."
Anne Marie Engtoft Meldgaard Tech ambassador
The new strategy for Denmark’s tech diplomacy will be launched later this year.

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