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Denmark and World Economic Forum

In April 2018, Denmark signed a partnership with the World Economic Forum’s Center ( for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco. Leveraging public-private partnerships across Silicon Valley, Denmark and globally, the collaboration focuses on unleashing the potential and addressing risks of the rapid data-driven tech-revolution. 

The partnership brings together the Forum’s international network of industry experts with Denmark’s extensive expertise within public sector digitalization to explore specific challenges and pilot projects in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Specifically, the project looks at how to integrate dynamic data from Internet of Things (IoT) into the existing public data infrastructure, how to improve ultra-precise positioning in dense cities, and how to ensure a responsible and ethical approach to artificial intelligence (AI).

In Denmark, the partnership is anchored within the Ministry for Climate, Energy and Utilities (specifically the Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency) as well as the Ministry of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs and the Danish Design Center. The Office of the Tech Ambassador supports and facilitates the partnership from San Francisco.

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