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Human Rights and Technology

It is increasingly clear that emerging technologies and platforms bring both opportunities and risks to human rights worldwide.

Denmark has therefore taken active steps to promote the intersection between human rights and digital technologies at both the normative and practical levels. Together with a core group of countries, Denmark has elevated the human rights implications of new technologies on agenda of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. 

Denmark also actively supports the OHCHR’s emphasis on technology and its direct dialogue with the tech-industry to enhance the understanding of human rights frameworks. Specifically, the Office of the Tech Ambassador has supported the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)’s efforts to build networks and dialogue with the tech industry in Silicon Valley and globally on the human rights risks and dilemmas of digital platforms. Read statement by UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet here.  

In September 2019, Denmark furthermore hosted a closed-door roundtable discussion on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and the responsibility of social media companies with participation of the tech industry, OHCHR and civil society.