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COVID-19 and TechPlomacy

The corona crisis is likely to accelerate the use of digital technologies across work life, in the home and in our social interaction. This creates new opportunities but also risks and challenges on a global scale.

Our office is closely monitoring how technologies are being used in addressing the global pandemic. As part of these efforts, we engage with industry and world leading experts around the world to understand key trends and risks. 

Below we have gathered some of our conversations.


You can watch our five full length conversations with all six experts here:

Trade, tech and The Fourth Industrial Revolution
How does COVID-19 affect the global digital trade? 
Did the crisis make companies around the globe adapt much needed digitalization? Which sectors will do well during the crises and which will struggle? And does COVID-19 compel The Fourth Industrial Revolution further in to our lives? We talk to Ziyang Fan - Head of Digital Trade at World Economic Forum.

Corona, Tech Policy and geopolitics
How will corona impact global digital cooperation? Will we see more convergence or a further ‘splintering’ of the digital world? How will US, China and Europe do? And did COVID-19 kill the techlash? We askMarjorie Buchser - Executive Director, Digital Society Initiative at Chatham House

What the corona crisis will mean for human rights

How will COVID-19 impact digital human rights? Can privacy survive in the midst of a pandemic? And how are the platforms doing in dealing with disinformation and other risks?We get the answers from 
Scott Campbell - Senior Human Rights Officer at UN Human Rights


Corona, The Future of Work and rebalancing of individual and societal risks
What's likely to happen in the next 10, 100 and 1000 days? Should we be optimistic or are we giving up on privacy? How will the way governments vs industry use data change? Will the transatlantic relation strengthen or weaken due to the pandemic? And is 'working from home' really the new normal? We ask Executive Director Ann Cleaveland and Faculty Director Steven Weber, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity at UC Berkeley

How businesses and investors react to COVID-19
Has the crisis fast-tracked the digital transformation process? How does businesses move forward in a post COVID-19 world? Will the crisis change the acces to financial services for businesses? Gavin Reardon - Managing Partner at Kingson Capital gives his opinion.